Kohls Free $10 Promotional Gift Card by Mail

 Kohls free gift card is back in my region again. Yesterday I received the $10 promotional gift card in my mail. They usually send these out regionally on a rotation. If you want to start receiving them and do not already. Check out, “How to get the free Kohls $10 off anything $10 or more coupon, as often as every month”.

This card is good for anything that is in the store, including all sale items, regular priced and even clearance items! It’s a great deal; free money (Don’t mind the other card there, it’s just covering up my address). This current Kohl’s $10 Gift Card has a promotional period from Dec. 1- 10. You just have to buy a minimum of $10 worth of product before tax. That’s it! I always go into Kohl’s to use these cards to buy my son clothes (6 months old) and I never pay more than $.60 out of pocket.

Asking how I do it? Well, I head over to the toddler clothes section and they always have several racks full of items that are on clearance. I usually find outfits, shorts, shirts, socks and more that I match up to equal no more than $11.00 so I know I’ll pay less than a $1.00 for everything. Check out some of my purchases I have done. There so cute, I don’t won’t him to grow up.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll help you out when I check. Have a good one!

~The Coupon Clipping Mom

2 Responses to “Kohls Free $10 Promotional Gift Card by Mail”
  1. Adriana says:

    please let me know where I have to subscribe to receive the $10 promotional

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